serious profession

the job's

gotta be done

by dinner time


“Serious Profession” follows a day in the life of Kite and Winn, two collectors for a local crime boss. As they go about their day, we meet the interesting men and women who are on their “rounds”. The two of them engage in conversations about the lives they live, and about how to best navigate an ever-changing and dangerous world.


Feature Film Run time: Approx 115 minutes


Mr. Kite: Rick Jermain

Mr. Winn: Brucellious Morris

Jesse L. Green

Art jr.: Jeremy Amos

Jeannie Pretty: Renee Gelinas

Chance: Senica Lee

Det. Campbell: Kathy Sanders

Tracy: Emily Whitcomb

Katie: Annalise Bergen

Mr Jawalla: Sri Mirajkar

Justina: Tais Lourenco

Lydia Gull:

Lisa Sponaugle

Johnny Buffalo: Brandon Marski

Locke: Mecca Verdell

Steppe: Rowan Weiblen

And introducing Emily Flack as Tina


Written and Directed by: Matthew Lee Anderson

Cinematographer: Aaron Money

Composer: Andrew Stainer

Executive Producers: Matthew Lee Anderson, Rick Jermain, Thomas Touhey


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