an intricately


love story


Anna is a woman with no structure in her life. She crashes from one event to another, with no regard for anyone. Danny is a retired EMT ready to let go of the baggage of life. Their chance meeting begins a friendship that will fundamentally change them.


Feature Film Run time: Approx 120 minutes


Anna: Abigail Hendricks

Danny: Jesse L. Green

Marta: Joselyn Ortega

Lana: Amy Simms Treat

Grover: Russell Sage Patrick

Alexis: Jay Jean

Susan: Madison Hodges

Loni: Rich Lipshaw

Billy: Tony Bazemore Jr

Barney: Darien Rothchild

Kenny: David Uzmaor

Anna's Father: Gant Montgomery

Anna's Mother: Amanda Jordan


Director: Amanda Megan

Written by: Matthew Lee Anderson, Amanda Megan

Cinematographer: Jordan Miller

Composer: Karen Culi

Executive Producers: Matthew Lee Anderson, Amanda Megan, Jesse L Green, Karen Culi


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