what do you

know about

what happened?


Zuckerman and Gordon are part of the neighborhood watch. Zuckerman is a bigot while Gordon just wants to help the neighborhood out. While on patrol, they come across what they think is a drug deal. As the two men watch, they try to decide what to do. Their fateful decision will affect Gordon's life for as long as he lives.

Inspired by true events, ‘Hoodie’ will tackle social issues in its short run time. Our intention is to make people think and analyze their own feelings about race, their neighborhood, and the violence in our culture.


Short Film Run time: Approx 35 minutes


Zuckerman: Bob Singer

Gordon: Tom Touhey

Griffin: Scott Swope

Hoodie 1: Jeremy Amos

Hoodie 2: Angela Touhey

Hoodie 3: Thomas Touhey


Written and Directed by: Matthew Lee Anderson

Cinematographer: Craig M. Rosenthal

Creature Design: Donnie Drum


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