you should watch

who you call

a fat ass!


All H.D. Mack wanted was to be fit and happy. All H.D. Mack wanted was to get home without being hassled by gangs of skinny people in his town. All he needed was some help. Thanks to a mad scientist, H.D. Mack become the hero The Boro neeed....HEAVY DUTY MAN!!!!


Feature Film: Approx 90 minutes


H.D. Mack: Ricky Bredenbeck

Heavy Duty Man: Hoss Russell

Bad Bertha: Chanda Rawlings

MD Geist: Russell Sage Patrick

Gant: Bob Singer


Cinephoto in association with Hit List Video

Writer/Director: Thomas Touhey

Based on a concept by Max Artyomv and Matthew Lee Anderson

Cinematographer: Matt Matzen

Executive Producers:

Matthew Lee Anderson, Thomas Touhey (Cinephoto)

Chris Rhydings (Hit List Video)


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