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From headshots to video production; photographic art projects to commercial work; Key 13 Studio in Frederick, MD can provide high quality services for a reasonable budget.  We also provide green screen and technical support to independent film projects.

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Transfer Services


We all have some treasured memories on VHS that we want converted to something more modern.

Want to get those old photos cleaned up and tranfered to digital? We can do that.

Your movie has just been completed, but now you want to show it in a theater. We can put it in any format you need.

Need a VHS copy of your film as a reward for for your funding campain?

Our transfer services can meet all your duplication meets in very affordable packages.

Transfer Services

VHS to Digital: $10 per tape + $35 per 1 TB HD

  • Completed transfers sent by secured Google Drive or thumb-drive
  • Digital cleanup (if possible)
  • Available video file formats (MP4, MOV, MPG, WMV)

VHS to DVD: $10 per tape + $5 per DVD

  • Playable in all DVD players
  • Easy access menus
  • Digital cleanup (if possible)
  • Max 2 hours per DVD

VHS to Blu-Ray $10 per tape, $8 per Blu-Ray

  • Playable in all Blu-Ray players
  • Easy access menus
  • Digital cleanup (if possible)
  • Max 4 hours per Blu-Ray

Digital to VHS $10 per copy

  • Recorded in Standard Play (SP format)
  • Label on VHS Tape
  • Blank VHS slip case $8 per copy (optional)
  • VHS slip case with design $12 per copy (optional)
  • 5 week delivery time for VHS slip cases

Theater Presentation $20 per copy

  • HD conversion to common formats (H.264, MP4)
  • Blu-Ray or digital copy
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