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About the photographer:


When I started taking pictures of cosplayers, I never thought that I would ever own my own studio.  It seemed like a dream that while not impossible, seemed unlikely.  But now, 15 years later, thousands of photographs, and years of study, we have arrived at Key 13 Studio.


I am happiest when I am taking photographs or shooting video.  My goal is to make your time shooting with me enjoyable, to share in my love of creating beautiful images.  I use light, shadow, color, and styling to create an image that not only tells a story, but reflects who you are.  Every shoot will be build around the image you want to share.  Profesional or amateur, something to share with the public or privately, every picture you and I take will be something you will be proud to show.


Thank you for your time and support.  I look forward to working with you.


Matthew Lee Anderson


About the studio: 

Check Out What Key 13 Studio Can Do For You!

Key 13 Studio (formerly DVJ Photography) is a multifacited studio that provides not only photography services, but video production, and graphic design.  We can provide everything the entertainment or modeling professional needs: headshots, comp cards, portfolio building, and promotial images.


Our video production facilities have a wide range of recording options; digital and analog.  Our greenscreen can add that extra dimension to your movie or series.  Video editing services are also avaliable. 


Need a cool movie poster, or looking to sell some merchandise with a logo?  Key 13 Studio can do that.  We can create the images to use, or you can bring your own and have us convert it.


We also provide video transfer services, taking your VHS tapes and putting them as either a DVD, Blu-Ray, or Digital Download.


Contact us at [email protected] for additional information on the services we provide.