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Created for our "On the Line" film festival, this fun litle project took some test footage and made it a little bit more!


Nova Purity Preview (MV)

In house composer CMR is in the final stages of releasing his latest album "Return to Saturn", an electronica concept album. To accompany his new album, a music video (MV) for the track "Nova Purity" is being produced at Key13 Photography Studio. The following short is a behind the scenes look at the making of the "Nova Purity" MV. You will see not only our production process, but early renders of some of the SFX. While the footage contained in this short is not the final product, we are very excited to show what we have done. We hope you enjoy as well.

35 years ago Dr. Marbuse (Phil Therrien) was accused of killing multiple people along with his brother Gary (who first killed and then danced with one of the victims). Only Louise (Susan Leslie) survived, but was put in a mental hospital when she claimed that a guy in a Richard Nixon mask (Ronald Reagan) tried to kidnap and kill her. Now Sally has been released, but she is being chased by a man in a Donald Trump mask. Convinced that the evil Dr. Bartholomew is still alive, she seeks refuge on a strange house on Highway 15. Little does Sally know that there is something more horrific than Dr. Bartholomew chasing her, and it lives at the "Horror House on Highway 15"

Key 13 Film Partners is proud to announce the start of filming for the direct sequel to "Horror House on Highway 5". Written by April Fuools (Joke), and directed by Diza Jouke (IT is True), this movie is guaranteed to bring back those positive and nostalgic feelings by Richard Casey's cult classic, but to show Key 13 Film Partners' appreciation for the independent filmmakers spirit.

Horror House on Highway 15 Trailer


Four humans are killed and resurected by the spirits of earth, wind, water, and fire to defeat the imortal Saker from destroying the natural order.