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Key 13 Film Partners is proud to present our first music video: "Nova Purity" a new composition from composer and musician CMR (Purchase "Return to Saturn" here)


Story: A journey that transcends time and space, the truth of the universe will be revealed. A space explorer becomes trapped in a dimensional rift that takes her to the end of her mind and back again.


Information: A featured track from the album "Return to Saturn", this music video combines live action, practical effects, and computer-generated imagery to create a surreal experience for the viewer and listener.


The video was directed by Craig Rosenthal and features model and actress Carlye Fenner as the space explorer. Album Information: Return to Saturn Album composed and performed by: CMR Produced by Mason Adam Lucas and CMR The single is available through Bandcamp https://youtu.be/0PYFngcddWc with the album being released later this month. The first 13 who pre-order will get bonus tracks Pre-order by clicking this link: https://therealcmr.bandcamp.com/album/return-to-saturn Subscribe to the CMR Facebook page for the latest updates and information on the album "Return to Saturn. (https://www.facebook.com/unconsciouslandscapes)


Type: Music Video


Run time: Approx 6 minutes



Space Explorer: Carlye Fenner



Director: Craig M Rosenthal

Miniature photography/video: Matthew Lee Anderson

Lighting and costumes: Key 13 Studio

Composer: Craig M. Rosenthal


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Nova Purity MV Update 2

Nova Purity MV Update 1




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