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Jeff, Jeanette, Becky, and Tommy were four people who died in tragic accidents. They have been brought back to life by the Lords of the Natural Order to combat the powerful sorcerer Saker. Between Sakers superpowered Destroyers and their own government, The Elementals must fight a battle on two sides. 


Type: Animated Fan Project


Run time: 6-25 minute episodes



Vortex: Chris Rhydings

Fathom: Yasmin Qudah

Morningstar: Amanda LePore Colyer

Morningstar (powered): Carlye Fenner

Tommy: Ilya Schroeder

Saker: Bob Singer

Shapeshifter: Mariela Butler

Additional voices: Rick Jermain, Rusty Gilligan, Amanda LePore Colyer, William Powell, Justin Martin, Matt Anderson



Director: Matthew Lee Anderson

Recording Engineer: Rick Jermain (The NoisePit)

Adapted from an original concept by Bill Willingham

Composer: Craig M. Rosenthal


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