Key 13 Studio: Commerical

Your screenplay is done, your actors have been hired (or in the process of doing so), and you are ready to promote your movie or show.  Now comes the hard part, creating a design that will draw people to your project.


Do you go with artwork, or a photo?  Is it abstract, or are you going for realisim?  Sure, it works as a poster, but will it work as a T-Shirt?  How do I even convey the essense of my film?


Look no further than Key 13 Studio.  We can take existing artwork, or start from scratch to make a dynamic and interesting image that is sure to get people in the theaters, or buy that DVD.


We also provide logo design services to make your business or film title "POP"!


Check out samples of our work.

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Looking to get that audition, but the only headshot you have is of you drinking at a bar?

You need something better.


Are you looking to book a modeling gig, but all you have are photographs from an amateur photographer?

You need a complete portfolio package from Key 13 Film Partners.


Key 13 Studio can provide headshots, close-ups, full body shots, and vairous costumes to show potential bosses what you bring to the table.  We also help you pick the best images to add to your portfolio to maximize the "wow" factor.


Contact [email protected] and set up your free consultation.


Check out samples of our work.

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You have a great idea for a YouTube show, or you have this awesome scene in your movie, but you need something different to draw people in. What do you do?


You come to Key 13 Studio.  We have greenscreen as well as cameras provide that extra "oomph" you need to get those eyes glued to your show or movie.  We even use the facility ourselves for each episode of "Terribly Awful".


We can convert your VHS or other film media into DVD, Blu-Ray, or Digital.