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Creating character driven projects on a small budget

We at Key 13 feel that you don’t have to have a “gimmick” to get people to watch a movie. It’s the characters, the message, and the visuals that will draw people in. Every project that we make will have fully developed characters, a strong visual aesthetic, and a compelling story.

Our mission is to make movies that delve into the human condition, improve the quality of films in the area, and to create an avenue for artists to express their ideas.

We are always looking for talented people who love the entertainment industry, and feel they have something major to contribute. We want to be your partners in your endeavors, as you are a partner in ours. If you have a story to tell, or want to be a storyteller, we want to hear from you.

We have our own equipment that includes; cameras, lights, sound recorders, green-screen, editing (both Final Cut and Adobe), stabilizers, and other essential equipment to make virtually any project. We also compose our own music and have an in-house photographer.

The key to good films is the partnership between cast and crew. Come join us.




About the film partners


Key 13 Film Partners combines over 30 years of experience in script writing, film and stage directing, video production, music composition, photography, along with film analysis and critique.  Our talented staff is able to perform all aspects of film production; from conception, to execution, to distribution. 

Our main studio in Berryville, VA can provide video and movie production services, as well as a backlot.  Key 13 Photography in Frederick, MD provides headshots, promotional photos, and smaller scale production facilities.


Craig M. Rosenthal


Key 13 Film Partners

Matthew Lee Anderson


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Charles Dawson


Key 13 Film Partners

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Interviews and press

Check out some of the interviews and press we have received.

Interview with The Scene Snobs Podcast

Founders Craig M. Rosenthall, Charles Dawson and Matthew Lee Anderson are interviewed by Mick Manhatten of "The Scene Snobs Podcast".

Interview on the "Insde Acting" radio show.

Founders Charles Dawson and Matthew Lee Anderson sit down with William Powel of the Inside Acting Radio Show and talk about the casting process and things actors should do and look out for when deciding to audition.

Terribly Awful's Craig Rosenthal on Victims and Villains

The awesome Victims and Villains talks movies with Terribly Awful creator Craig Rosenthall.

Victims and Villains have a special message: If you or someone you know are struggling with suicide, depresison, addiction, or self-harm go to victimsandvillains.net/hope for more resources.

Terribly Awful on "Any Last Words"

The delightful host of "Any Last Words" had Terribly Awful's Matt Anderson as a guest.

"Any Last Words" is hosted by actress, musician, and podcast host Jo Gonsalves. Each week she interviews and goes behind the scenes with a diverse mixture of entertainers and creators in the horror industry and rock music. https://www.facebook.com/anylastwordsjo