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Gordon has been paralyzed from the waist down after a horrific car accident. Not only is he angry about being injured, he is feeling guilting for leaving his friend to die at the hands of a killer. Every time he tires to sleep, he sees a ghostly figure standing in the corner, tormenting him. Can he find the catharsis he needs to move on, or will the specter kill him?


Type: Short Film


Run time: Approx 15 minutes



Gordon: Tom Touhey

Spectre: Jeremy Amos

Angela: Stephanie Nwokeuku

Newscaster: Carlye Fenner

Griffin: Scott Swope

Reporter: Peri Walker



Director: Matthew Lee Anderson

Written by: Matthew Lee Anderson and Craig M. Rosenthal

Cinematographer: Craig M. Rosenthal

Composer: Craig M. Rosenthal

Script Supervisor: Carlye Fenner

Production Assistant: Chris Rhydings

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